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Abnormal Summit

The United Nations of armchair diplomats.

Genre: Reality

In this very unique and fun entertainment show, comedic hosts explore some of the “accepted truths” in their country by inviting a group of young people to their Abnormal Summit. In a parody of the political G12 summits, these ex-pat delegates, well immersed in the host country’s culture and language, offer fascinating observations from their home nations. The delegates are joined by a celebrity guest and amongst the group they talk about matters ranging from culture and education to hobbies and their personal reasons for moving from the place where they were born. After some hilarious and frank disputes, the delegates get to vote on whether they think the traditions and viewpoints of the country are normal or abnormal!

Over 75 episodes produced in South Korea (JTBC); series produced in China (Jiangsu); series produced in Turkey (ATV).


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