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All-Star Lifeguards!

Created By: Aito Media
Genre: Reality

In each episode, our beach-bronzed celebrities are put through their paces as they compete against each other in missions that measure their fitness, courage and tolerance. As the show progresses, the weak are whittled down and eliminated until one champion walks away with a cash prize – and a new profession!

The lifeguard training is physically tough, but the stars’ daily lives in the tropical beach resort proves to be equally tough, complete with cat- fights, bitchiness and emotional drama. As the celebrities take on the pressures of real lifeguard training and swimsuit-wearing, our presenter and their lifeguard side-kick put them through their paces, in and out of the water.

***Season 2 currently on air in Finland now introducing male coaches!***


Season 1 debuted at pole position against ALL commercial channels in Finland securing a whopping audience of over 224,000 compared to a slot average of 64,000 – 250% increase.

The format continued with superb ratings for episode two, scoring 227% above the slot average!


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