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Nation’s Best Wedding

Which special day will the bevy of brides deem the Nation’s Best Wedding?

Produced By: Aito Media
Genre: Reality

Every love story is special. Every wedding is one of a kind. But only one can be the best. In this brand new feel-good format, we’re looking for the nation’s best wedding.

Each episode of Nation’s Best Wedding shows one couple’s love story, wedding planning and, as the highlight of the episode, the wedding party. The brides are also invited to take part in a bridal jury, where they comment on each wedding and arrangements, almost always leading to an open clash of opinions.

Each ceremony is a unique occasion where the personalities of the 12 different wedding couples clearly emerge. We’ll hear the boy-meets-girl stories of the couples and follow their wedding arrangements. Finally, viewers get to join the loving couples on the most important day of their lives.

The panel of brides watch and rate the weddings each week, and in the final episode of the season, the unrelenting and outspoken jury reveal whose wedding has been chosen as the best in the nation.


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