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Doctor What: Diagnosis Unknown

Real medical cases revealed

Created By: NHK
Genre: Game Show

Four outstanding junior doctors must use all their medical knowledge, skills of observation and expertise in deduction as they are challenged to diagnose real-life conditions in this dynamic studio-based medical detective game show. Hosted by Doctor What, each week the junior doctors are presented with a puzzling case in the form of video re-enactments dramatizing the condition. From the clues, the doctors compete to determine a correct diagnosis that will only be revealed at the end of the show. Real medical mysteries. Real doctors. No script.

On air in Japan since 2010 and currently airing season five; 57 episodes have already been produced on NHK as Dr G’s Case Files. In its July 2014 debut, Doctor What: Diagnosis Unknown format premiered in China as Health 007 on Zhejiang TV where the third episode saw a 63% increase in audience!

K7 Media Says: A truly international co-production, with partners from Japan, China, Singapore and the US, the idea of turning medical diagnosis into a competitive entertainment format may seem bizarre but given the enduring popularity of diagnosis-driven scripted drama like House or factual formats like Embarrassing Bodies, it’s not as big a leap as it may appear. Audiences worldwide are clearly fascinated by the subject, and the game show is a clever way of helping viewers understand how doctors go about their work. We certainly won’t be surprised to see this format making its way to western markets in the near future.

[Source: K7 Media Ltd]


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